History of The Château du puy castle

Going back to the napoleon era (early 19th century)

Although Tourrettes is a small town, it has a long castle tradition. which go back to the 14th century

The troubled period of the early Middle Ages favored the proliferation of "castra", fortified villages or strongholds. Archaeologists have been able to identify ten fortified sites, including the first Château de Tourrettes, which was built by Bertrand de Villeneuve, Lord of Tourrettes from 1321. This first castle of Tourrettes however turned rapidly into ruin and vanished. It was apparently located where is now the commune of Tourrettes. Only the Clock Tower remains until today.

Over the next two centuries, Tourrettes spread its alleys and squares around the old castle. The church and old castle were rebuilt in 1546. However, this second edition of the castle did not last very long in these troubled times of religious wars. The old castle was destroyed by cannon by the Fayençois in 1590 (Catholics against Protestants). In 1592, the de Villeneuve family moved into a large building in the heart of the village (the current town hall), whose beautiful vaulted rooms in the basement are reminiscent of architecture until today.