Historic & luxury Tower Suites in beautiful Chateau

Chateau du Puy Tower Suites

Mysterious 19th-century castle on the top of the hills of Tourrettes in the midst of the stunning Pays de Fayence region of Provence, close to the Côte d’Azur (French Rivièra).

For the first time, you can stay in the historic top-floor penthouse of the Chateau, the Tower Suites, fully renovated in 2021 in Wabi-Sabi style! With its 20 wooden windows, no place in the whole region enjoys better views over Fayence valley, with direct views of the Terre Blache Golf resort and the nearby glider airfield.. Welcome in heaven with absolute Eagles Nest views.

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The Pays de Fayence is the region where the Provence and French Riviera (Côte d'Azur) are converging. It consists of nine communes in the hinterland of cities such as Cannes at the côte d'Azur. The area is known for its picture-postcard scenery characterized by bucolic charm. It is mostly protected by the nearby mountains of the sometimes harsh Mistral winds.

You'll access the region at exit 39 at the A8 Motorway via the scenic Lake of St Cassien. When approaching the villages of Tourrettes and Fayence, you'll see the Château du Puy rising up on the top of the hills. The castle comes with a great history and lofe style, which goes back to the Napoleon era of the early 19th era.

Meet local artisans and artists, stroll the narrow, cobbled streets of traditional Provençal villages as Fayence and Tourrettes ( both at walking distance of the castle), and be bewitched by the landscapes for which Provence is famous. There are a thousand and one ways to discover the treasures of Provence and we are here to let you in on all its secrets.

The Château du Puy, is nowadays a privately owned condominium, often passed on from generation to generation. Only a couple of the apartments in the castle have got a private and fully secluded terrace, such as the Tower Suites.

What makes this historic 100 square meters top-floor duplex historic penthouse with its 20 wooden windows so attractive is that it comes with an additional private southern exposed private sundeck on top of the castle's Western Tower, with unparalleled views of the whole area. A unique experience !

This whole top-floor Tower Suites ( like a true Eagles Nest) offers absolutely stunning and unparalleled views of the whole "Pays de Fayence". This historic apartment is very bright. You’ll see the sun coming up in the morning and can enjoy the sunset as well. Truly 360 degrees views - the perfect spot for photography and enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Some medieval castles' had secret passages were designed to enable the inhabitants to escape from an enemy siege. Here it is not different. We restored a unique secret passage in the Tower Suites, details shared when you check-in.

This historic apartment you will be staying in is fully renovated and upscaled in 2021. The Luxembourg co-owners Pete & Kika turned into 5-star luxury accommodation in a complete overhaul project, whilst preciously respecting the historic character. These extensive renovation works bring all modern 21st-century comfort to the apartment one can expect when staying in a castle, whilst carefully respecting the spirit of the ancient.

This chateau is about the beauty of age and imperfection. Time itself becomes the artist because it can transform things. What’s missing in the new is often a story. There are no cuts, no traces of use, no damage. But time oxidizes things and gives the material a new skin. That makes staying with us such a unique experience.

Authentic living
at the castle

The hilltop villages of the Pays de Fayence offer a vibrant cultural life, there's even a movie theater in nearby Fayence. The villages of Fayence and Tourrettes are at 5 to 7 minutes walking distance from the castle. You'll find all kinds of amenities here, from fresh butter croissants to great expresso. Simply, a perfect place to enjoy French living. On Tuesday, Thursday, and especially Saturday mornings there's a vibrant Provencal market at Fayence.

The old village of Tourrettes is unique in its kind. In recent years, it flourishes more and more around the town hall. In the summertime, there's at least once a week a band with live music Good vibes and authentic living.


A perfect base to
discover the "Pays de

The castle (former names: Château Général Fabre and Château Mon Plaisir as General Fabre used to call it) enjoys direct and wide views over the whole valley (Pays de Fayence)

There is no better place to view the nearby luxury Golf Resort "Terre Blanche" and the world-famous soaring airfield of Fayence-Tourrettes (LFMF) just down the hill.  Few people know, but Sean Connery (the first actor to portray fictional British secret agent James Bond on film) used to have a property where nowadays the Terre Blanche Golf Resort of Dietmar Hopp is located, both perfect viewable from the Château du Puy.

When the silent gliders return in the evening hours from adventure flying in the Southern Alps, they literally turn into downwind in front of the castle. Spectacular views are guaranteed. Several actual and past co-owners of the castle are aviation enthusiasts or pilots themselves as they enjoy direct views from their apartments of the airfield.

The nearby lake (Lac de St Cassien) offers a 420-hectare true natural and ecological reserve. It has an ecological approach from Day 1 as you won't find any polluting motorboats on it. It offers many leisure activities are available such as water games, pedal boats, inflatable games, fishing, rowing, hiking and plenty of restaurants. The lake is known for its high temperatures in summer time.

Guest Testimonials

Discover the enchanting experiences of our guests at the Tower Suites of Chateau du Puy:

“We loved this place! A dreamy escape with incredible views and walkability. The interior design is impeccable, and it truly felt like a dream.”

- Susie

“An absolutely wonderful place to stay! The chateau is both stunning inside and out, and the apartment is bathed in light and comfort. The views all around are just lovely.”

- Angela

“Staying at the Chateau du Puy raised our standards for a holiday home! A beautiful home with breathtaking views. It was so comfortable we didn’t want to leave.”

- Inesa

“Book it. It’s such a beautiful spot. The apartment was perfect for our family, equipped with everything we needed.”

- Nick

“I can’t fault Kika and Pete’s place, it is perfection! Beautifully designed, beautifully located; we didn’t want to leave.”

- Tim

“The chateau offered a memorable experience for our family. A perfect blend of historic charm with modern comforts, and the views are just stunning.”

- Kieran

“The apartment was stylish & spotless. And the view is simply amazing.”

- Jesper

“What a fabulous place. Couldn’t fault it - Kika + Pete were exceptional hosts. We loved staying in what felt like a luxurious piece of history.”

- Aidan

These heartfelt words from our guests reflect the unforgettable moments and the serene beauty they found at Chateau du Puy. Join us for your own storybook stay.

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24 MAR 2024 To 30 JUN 2024

Celebrate Spring at Château du Puy's luxurious apartment in Provence. Revel in the season's beauty with stunning valley views, unique Wabi Sabi elegance, and serene ambiance. Perfect for a tranquil holiday escape. 10% discount special offer only valid with direct booking

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Exclusive Direct-Booking Offer: Summer 2024

01 July 2024 to 31 August 2024

Summer in Château du Puy blossoms with vibrant life, where golden sunlight bathes the historic stones, gardens flourish in radiant hues, and serene evenings invite timeless relaxation. Exclusive: Save 20% on Tower Suites at Chateau du Puy with this exclusive direct-booking offer.