Embrace the beauty of age and imperfection. Time itself becomes the artist, transforming objects and imparting them with stories that newness lacks. The absence of cuts, traces of use, or damage in new items is replaced by the charming oxidation over time, giving materials a unique character. This is what makes staying with us such a unique experience.

The historic apartment you will be staying in has been fully renovated and elevated to a 5-star luxury accommodation in 2021. Kika has meticulously overseen a complete overhaul project, ensuring that the apartment's historic character is respected while infusing modern 21st-century comforts expected in a castle stay, all while carefully preserving the spirit of the ancient.

The newly designed interior of the apartment incorporates Wabi Sabi elements, celebrating the beauty found in imperfection and the passage of time. Wabi Sabi, rooted in Zen Buddhism, emphasizes rustic simplicity ('wabi') and the serene beauty that comes with age ('sabi'). This ancient Japanese philosophy invites you to accept and enjoy life as it unfolds, in its most authentic form.


The journey began in 2002, initially as a hobby for Kika. A small, run-down apartment came up for sale in their street in Luxembourg city. Kika saw potential in this space and decided to purchase it. Within six months, the apartment was transformed from a bare shell into a fully rebuilt and innovatively designed living space. Despite its modest size of 40m², smart and creative decoration techniques were employed to give it a spacious and welcoming feel. This initial project was a success and paved the way for many more throughout Luxembourg city, gradually increasing in scale. Their most recent local project involved the ambitious renovation of an entire building.

As freelance interior designers, Kika has a passion for creating functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing interior spaces. This involves careful planning, from determining space requirements to selecting the right mix of essential and decorative elements like colors, lighting, and materials.

During the Covid pandemic, Kika embarked on their most daring project yet: the complete overhaul and restoration of historic apartments that were once intended for General Fabre in the early 19th century. This extensive renovation, completed in early 2021, involved the removal of more than 17 trucks of construction debris, breathing new life into the historic chateau apartment.

We're passionate about one thing .... you having a perfect stay when you are our guest in the Château du Puy of Tourrettes

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