This chateau is about the beauty of age and imperfection. Time itself becomes the artist because it can transform things. What’s missing in the new is often a story. There are no cuts, no traces of use, no damage. But time oxidizes things and gives the material a new skin. That makes staying with us such a unique experience.

This historic apartment you will be staying in, has been fully renovated and upscaled in 2021 . Pete & Kika turned into a 5-star luxury accommodation in a complete overhaul project, whilst preciously respecting the historic character. These extensive renovation works bring all modern 21st-century comfort to the apartment one can expect when staying in a castle, whilst carefully respecting the spirit of the ancient.

The newly designed interior design of the apartment comes with Wabi Sabi elements. Wabi-Sabi doesn’t look for perfection, contrary to the world we live in right now. The word ‘wabi’ means rustic simplicity and quietness, while ‘sabi’ alludes to the beauty and serenity that comes with time and age. This ancient Japanese philosophy, established in Zen Buddhism, encourages you to accept and enjoy life as it is.


It started back in 2002 as a hobby of Pete & Kika when a small dilapidated apartment was for sale in the street they were living in Luxembourg city. They acquired it and in 6 months time they went from stripping the apartment to completely rebuild it. It was only a 40m² apartment, so it had to be wisely and innovatively decorated so that the future tenants would have a spacious feeling. That project worked out well and since many other projects were realized in Luxembourg city. The projects became bigger over time and their last Luxembourg project involved renovating a whole building in Luxembourg city.

Pete & Kika love as free-lance Interior designers to make interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful. It always starts with determining space requirements and selecting essential and decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials.

Whilst the Covid pandemic, they planned their boldest project so far. The complete overhaul and restoration of the historic apartments, where the old General Fabre intended to live himself back in the early 19th century. More than 17 trucks of construction scrap were removed and during early 2021 the historic apartment of the chateau was completely renovated.

We're passionate about one thing .... you having a perfect stay when you are our guest in the Château du Puy of Tourrettes

This is the personal website dedicated to the Tower Suites of the Château du Puy, by co-owners Pete & Kika