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farigoulette de fayence

Experience Fine Dining at La Farigoulette in Fayence

Location: Fayence, a 10-minute walk or a short drive from Château du Puy

While the exterior of La Farigoulette might not immediately catch your eye, stepping inside reveals a world of culinary delight and elegant dining. Located in Fayence and easily accessible from Château du Puy, this restaurant offers an exceptional dining experience that should not be missed.

We refrained from going there in the past because the quality was sometimes good, sometimes less. But things have changed for the better. The restaurant has been taken over by a new couple and the quality is now simply superb. This is what we call fine dining and we go there quite regular in 2024

Why Visit La Farigoulette?

  • Elegant Interior: Despite its unassuming exterior, the interior of La Farigoulette is charming and stylish, creating a perfect setting for an exquisite meal.
  • High-Quality Cuisine: Under new management, La Farigoulette has significantly raised its standards, offering excellent, high-quality food that is beautifully presented. The dishes reflect both creativity and a deep appreciation for local ingredients.
  • Convenient Access: The restaurant is a pleasant 10-minute walk from Château du Puy, but you can also reach it easily by car.
  • Must-Reserve: Due to its growing popularity and limited seating, making a reservation by phone is essential to ensure you get a table.

Whether you’re planning a special dinner or a refined lunch, La Farigoulette promises a memorable dining experience with top-notch service and outstanding cuisine. Make sure to book in advance to enjoy one of Fayence’s culinary gems. Here’s the phone number to do so +33 4 94 84 10 49

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